When you think of fashion, stick thin models come to mind and you would think that they hardly eat anything at all. At best, you imagine they are eating slivers of carrots and lettuce as a meal. It is a sad state of affairs that they are expecting to be so thin just to hold the position as a model.

This may be regardless of how high or low the rating of a particular model is. In fact, the only focus when talking about the models is to do with their figures and sizes. It is very difficult to bring in the topic of food in their context. Thankfully, some of these myths have exploded now and people are recognizing the value of good and healthy food that can still retain the shape of your body without rendering you like a skeleton.

It makes much more sense to be creative in coming up with menus and types of acceptable food that can be as fashionable as the clothes they wear. It is all a matter of perspective.

This video is going to do the perfect presentation on showing you why food and fashion go hand in hand in regular cases.

Food does not necessarily conjure up images of gluttony. Similarly, fashion need not bring up pictures of emaciated men and women. Over the centuries, ideas of fashion has changed and it continues to change. There were times when being voluptuous was considered fashionable. Now, it is not so.

Now, it is being as slim as possible. However, high fashion demands a figure that is almost lanky and toned. You would think that it is next to impossible to maintain that type of figure if you were to indulge in rich and high-calorie food. Just seeing certain glossy images of food can give you an idea of how rich it is. You rarely rationalize it by saying that it is just photographed well. You simply veer away from it assuming that it will make you fat.

Did you know that certain foods are considered quite fashionable? In fact, you are likely to find a whole list of them anywhere online. This would probably include some of the more exotic vegetables and fruits that are imported into the country from elsewhere. Some people would make it a point to serve dishes made out of these and would consider themselves highly fashionable in their society. The fact of the matter is that the food in itself is not the issue.

What makes it fashionable is when someone makes it more popular than most and that gives it greater importance. This is true of just about anything in the world. It is the popularity of a design or of food that puts it clearly on the list of fashionable things to do or wear or even serve as the case may be. This is a patter recognized by many: no wonder there are so many sites like this talking about the connection of food and fashion. All you have to do is watch TV shows that focus on cooking just as often as you watch catwalk shows.